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If it is after October 31st, unpaid village or school taxes can be paid, by cashier’s check only, to the County Treasurer’s office up to November 30, 2016.  Additional penalties will apply. Payments must be received in the office by November 30th, post mark will not be accepted. Please bring/include a copy of your tax bill with your payment. 

Unpaid school and village taxes will be re-levied onto your county/town tax bill to be sent out January 1, 2017.  

The last day to submit payment for your January county/town tax bill to your Town is the last week of July.  Please call your Town Tax Collector for more specific date information.  If it is after August 15th, call us at 518-719-3527 for more information.  The county only collects delinquent taxes.

If you purchased property at the annual county foreclosure auction on September 14, 2016, you had until October 14, 2016 to pay any balance due. You are responsible to pay the current village and/or school tax for the purchased property. Please call that village/school district as soon as possible for those tax bills. All successful bids must be approved by the County Legislature, the successful bids were considered by the Legislature on September 21, 2016.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for recording and reporting the financial condition of the County in accordance with guidelines set forth by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and directives of the New York State Office of the Comptroller and it is responsible for ensuring County compliance with pronouncements of the Government Accounting Standards Board.

In accordance with New York State Real Property Tax Law, it is responsible for the enforcement and collection of delinquent property and school taxes. The Treasurer’s office is also charged with maintaining internal controls and is at times accountable to the Office of the New York State Comptroller, the Internal Revenue Service and the agencies that provide the County with grant funds.

As steward of the public’s funds, it invests County funds securely and conservatively while at the same time maximizing interest earned. The Treasurer’s office is committed to implementing strong cyber security safeguards to provide protective coverage of the County’s financial assets.
Additional services include the following:

  • The issuance of certificates of residence.
  • The receipt and distribution of the mortgage tax to local municipalities.
  • The maintenance of bail funds.
  • The maintenance of court and trust fund monies.
  • Collection of delinquent tax payments.
  • The annual County Public Auction.
  • The issuance of financial statements.
  • Providing assistance in the preparation of the County’s annual financial audit.
  • Certifications for paid taxes for sub-divisions.
  • Processing the County Payroll.
Contact Info
Greene County Treasurer
4th Floor, 411 Main Street POB 191, Catskill, NY 12414
t. 518-719-3530
f. 518-719-3794
Peter J. Markou
Peter J. Markou
Diane Bartholomew
Executive Fiscal Administrator/Deputy Treasurer
Thomas Tracey
Director of Administrative Services & Accounting
Maria LaRosa, Esq.
Director of Taxes
Robin Schmitt