Alan Frisbee

Alan Frisbee
Probation Director

Probation Department
411 Main Street
Catskill NY, 12414

T. 518-719-3200
F. 518-719-3788

The Greene County Probation Department is a county agency, established pursuant to Article 12 of the N.Y.S. Executive Law, under the supervision of the Greene County Legislature and the New York State Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.

The Greene County Probation Department has a full-time staff of thirteen, which consists of a Director, a Probation Supervisor, four Senior Probation Officers, five Probation Officers, a Probation Officer Trainee, and two Probation Assistants.

The Probation Department is charged with ensuring community safety by providing intake, supervision, and investigation functions for the local criminal, family, and county court systems. The Probation Department also oversees the county’s community service program, which allows eligible offenders the opportunity to avoid a possible jail term by performing community service work for a public or non-profit agency.

In addition, the Probation Department provides auxiliary services which include the collection and disbursement of restitution from both probationers and those convicted of offenses that did not result in a probation sentence, including state prison inmates. As of May 1, 2014, we have 98 cases in which restitution collection/disbursement is the department’s only involvement with the offender.

As of May 1, 2014 the department is supervising a total of 424 convicted adults/adjudicated youthful offenders, of which 178 are felons and 246 are misdemeanants; 14 adjudicated Persons in Need of Supervision; 1 adjudicated Juvenile Delinquent; 1 adult offender found to have violated a support order; 6 juveniles (1 Juvenile Delinquent and 5 Persons in Need of Supervision) in pre-adjudicatory status; and 8 Juvenile Delinquents and 8 Persons In Need of Supervision at an intake/diversion level. Probation supervision includes regular office reporting, home and field visits, alcohol and drug testing, and ongoing contact with police, employers, schools, service providers, family members, victims, and others.