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Early Recognition & Screening Program

The Greene County Early Recognition and Screening Program is funded through a NYS Office of Mental Health Grant. This grant provided funding to hire a specialist who would be devoted to coordinating all early recognition activity in Greene County. A County wide awareness and education program will be created. This coordinator will go out into the community to visit schools, and other service providers to explain the plan and answer any questions that may arise.

Why we Screen Children
Mental wellness allows children to think clearly, develop socially, learn new skills, build self esteem, and reach their potential in life. Therefore, evaluating children and teens social and emotional development is just as important as checking their physical health. Knowing how your child builds relationships, responds to stress, deals with disappointment, and performs in school are clues to mental wellness. Screening children’s social and emotional development can help address issues sooner rather than later and promote strategies for mental wellness into adulthood.

Screening Children 5-18
Social, emotional, and behavioral development affects every aspect of a child’s life and sets the stage for a strong foundation for later development. We know from science and experience that children can and do recover quickly from social, emotional and behavioral challenges, particularly when they are identified early.

Your child’s social and emotional health can affect:

  • How prepared they are for school
  • The ability to connect with family and friends
  • The ability to bounce back when faced with life’s setbacks

Our simple screening questionnaire will help identify potential issues enabling parents/caregivers the opportunity to be sure your child reaches his potential at every stage of his life.

Screening is Confidential, Voluntary, and Free
A screening list of questions, will be offered for parents, caregivers and children 11 years and older, to rate on a simple scale. The Early Recognition Specialist will input the screening information into a computer program. The score report will then be sent to parents via email, phone, or US Postal Service. If a social or emotional need is identified, the family may request to be referred for further assessment or follow up. A list of insurance providers will be available for reference.


Fast Facts

  • A mental illness is a disease that causes mild to severe disturbance in thinking, perception and behavior. Many mental illnesses are believed to have biological causes but some mental disorders can be caused by a person’s environment and experiences.
  • Mental and substance abuse conditions are among the most common health disorders in the United States affecting nearly 50% of adults at some time during their lifetime.
  • Medicaid EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment) requires screening for developmental and mental health status.
  • One in every five children and adolescents has a mental disorder. One in ten children have a serious emotional disturbance that affects daily functioning.
  • Mental illness usually strikes individuals in the prime of their lives, often during adolescence and young adulthood. All ages are susceptible, but the young and the old are especially vulnerable.

Early Recognition and Screening Program
905 County Office Building
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P: 518-622-9163 ext 7183
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