Deep Notch Winter photo credit Francis X Driscoll

Aging Facts in Greene County

The Department for Human Services provides a network of over thirty distinct services designed to meet the needs of the older residents of Greene County. These services are offered through a combination of sub-contracted programs and direct services provided by the Department staff and volunteers. The Department operates from six location situated throughout the County to ensure maximum accessibility to its services. Services demand and usage have increased steadily over the past several years and are projected to continue to an even greater rate.

The addition of the “baby-boomers” (Those born from 1946-1966) to the ranks of senior citizens will have a profound impact on both the County and the State. For example, while the total population of Greene County will increase by 7.6% by 2015, the 60 plus population will grow 37%. Even more significantly, the number of people over the age of 85 will increase by 60%.

Currently there are 9,841 Greene County residents over the age of 60 years. This group is the Department’s primary target population. By the year 2015 this group will grow from 20.8% of the population to 26%, a total of 13,486 older county residents.